How I Made An Easy $1200 On eBay!


My Trip To Goodwill

Goodwill shopping finally paid off big time! Me and others like me (trust me, I see them scouring the shelves each time I go there!) seach Goodwill and thrift stores for that “item” that will turn into some easy cash. Well, I finally did it!

I Found A…….Cat!

Yes, a cute shabby chic looking cat that caught my eye turned out to be worth some serious money! But……I almost blew it and put her back. Why? Truthfully, I don’t even like cats anymore. Yes, I had 3 cats growing up and each was named “Tiger”. Each time something would happen to Tiger, my dad would bring home another cat with identical looking stripes and I named each cat Tiger. To this day I don’t really know what happened to Tiger #1, Tiger #2 and Tiger #3. If mom and dad knew, they never told me and I didn’t think to ask as I got older. Unfortunately, they both are no longer here, so I’ll just assume they all ran away.

That Creepy Guy

So as I was flipping over the cat for the price, one of the creepy older guys I saw earlier happened to be looking over my right shoulder. Ick! I could see him out of the corner of my eye. So I had to do some fast thinking. The bottom of the cat said a price of $2.99 with writing that didn’t look very official of a husband and wife’s name along with Made in England and a date of 1968. I figured a couple painted this cat as a hobby and it ended up at Goodwill. Well, by the creepy guy being interested, I figured maybe this is worth something so I popped the kitty into my cart and shopped some more. I didn’t look back at the creepy guy, just got away from him. So if I sold the cat on eBay for about $25 that should be easy or if I keep it to go with our home decor of shabby chic/pottery barn look, it would be a good purchase. Husband will probably say “don’t you have enough stuff”? My reply… – never! Thank goodness we have a big house!

That Cat Is Worth What??????

Decided to search on Google and right away realized that similar kitty cats were on real estate auction websites. I couldn’t tell the amount of money they sold for until I used the conversion rate to US money and realized $1,200 – $2,000 is what they were going for.What??!! When I pulled up the husband and wife’s name that is where I almost fell out of my chair! I had something from England, handmade and very rare!

The Last Few Seconds of the eBay Auction! Wow $$$$$$!

The kitty was listed for 7 days, Internationally and US at a starting price of $750. I knew someone would bite…..well, I hoped anyway. After a day someone bid then a few days later someone else bid and the price was up to $850. I know the eBayer’s like me wait until the last 30 seconds to offer a final bid. So I waited and waited until day 7 and the last five minutes of the auction. Pulled up the auction and told hubby to get over here and sit by me because someone will bid at the last minute! Little did I know it was in the last 10 seconds the final bid came in! The time was down to 30 seconds left and the price went to $950, I thought great I’ll take that on a $2.99 purchase! Then here comes the last 10 seconds……………..the price went to $1236! WOW! Husband said “Holy S*it!” and stood up and gave me a kiss and told me I did good. Within 1 minute the money was in my PayPal account!!! That was easy! I LOVE eBay!

No More Complaints From Hubby

Since my great purchase and easy $1236, hubby doesn’t give me a hard time about going to garage sales, thrift stores or Goodwill anymore. He says nothing because he knows I may come home with another treasure!

Here she is….only 7″ tall and made out of paper mache. The ribbon around her neck says: “until the end I love my friend”. Who knew she was 44 years old!

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