USAA Insurance – What is It?

What Is It? A few years back someone mentioned to my husband and I that we should look into USAA…

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Consolidating Debt And Becoming Debt Free

Have you ever seen this little clip below? Play it and see what you think. Yes, it is about working…

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Living With No Credit Cards – My Story

About 4 months ago my husband and I stopped using our credit cards. Now we only pay with cash and…

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When Money Is Tight Turn To Your Pantry

Check out your panty and cupboards! I’m sure you will find something to eat. It is the Labor Day weekend…

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How I Made An Easy $1200 On eBay!

My Trip To Goodwill Goodwill shopping finally paid off big time! Me and others like me (trust me, I see…

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Goodwill Shopping

Trip After my trip to get a flu shot yesterday, I just had to do some Goodwill Shopping. I am…

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