Coupons – Top 10 Secrets Where to Find Coupons

In the past 6 months I have started using manufacturer coupons and have saved a ton of money. I have…

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Goodwill Shopping

Trip After my trip to get a flu shot yesterday, I just had to do some Goodwill Shopping. I am…

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Walgreens Deal on Cottonelle Toidy Paper

Walgreens had a GREAT deal on toidy paper this week. The Cottonelle was on sale for $5.00. In the Walgreens ad…

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Free Meals And Treats On Your Birthday!

Free Food! Love it! Thought I would remind everyone of the birthday freebies! You get free food just because you were…

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Yogurt and Pretzels

Remember? I figure everyone is struggling with money these days to buy groceries, including me. Today I’m going to talk…

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