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After my trip to get a flu shot yesterday, I just had to do some Goodwill Shopping. I am always looking for that special cat to make some extra money on eBay! You can read that story here. That was an easy $1,200!

Half Price Saturday

Every item donated to Goodwill is priced with a colored tag and each week is a different color. Did you know that every other Saturday all Goodwill items are half off the price, no matter what color the tag is? It is true and you can get some great deals! So yesterday happened to be half price Saturday! Yeah! I shopped around a bit but a lot of the shelves were bare. I guess coming at 6:00 p.m. on a half price Saturday is not the most perfect time. I did find a few items but nothing that I will make lots of money on. Just a few to resell on eBay.

1 Day Sale Thursday

Every Thursday there is one color tag that is only $1.00! Who says you can’t buy something for dollar? You will see the display when you walk in the door stating what color is $1.00. Some stores have balloons of the color that is $1.00. Balloons are throughout the store and sometimes outside so you know which color is a dollar. Kind of a no brainer and keeps you from asking the clerk for the color of the day. I’ll have to admit, when looking at so many colored tags that I forgot what color I’m actually looking for! But I have a good reason….I’m blonde!


You can pick up some name brand clothing to resell on eBay for only dollar each. Easy way to make some extra cash. Plus, check your size of clothing and you can score a deal. Most people think “ick, wearing someone elses clothes is gross”. Well, let me tell you that about a quarter of the time I find brand new, with tags on pieces of clothing. I think people just go thru their closets and toss out everything that has not been worn, new tags or not. Same goes with home decor. You can find items new with tags (NWT in eBay talk).

Goodwill Hours

Our Goodwill’s in Arizona are the size of grocery stores – huge, which is approximately 45,000 square feet. Most Goodwill’s go into locations that used to be grocery stores that have left the shopping mall. It is crazy how many people there are at a Goodwill on a half price Saturday. Those stores are raking in the moola! Remember it is all donated items and pure profit. Monday thru Saturday the stores are open from 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Be sure to call the location near you for the hours.

Check for a post coming soon on where does all the Goodwill money go, Goodwill on eBay and my Goodwill strategy.

Do you shop at Goodwill in your town? Any great deals you would like to share?

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