When Money Is Tight Turn To Your Pantry


Check out your panty and cupboards! I’m sure you will find something to eat. It is the Labor Day weekend and money is tight. You know, first of month and rent is due and house payments need to be paid. So my plan for meals is eat what is in the pantry and cupboard. We always buy soup, tuna and peanut butter when it is on sale so there is lots just sitting there. I have extra bread in the freezer because I stock up when I go to get bread. Find a package of noodles, use the tuna and make a tuna noodle casserole. I don’t have the recipe in my head but you can google it. Tomato soup or any soup can go with grilled cheese sandwiches and you got a meal right there! Take the jar of peanut butter and hopefully, you have grape jelly in the fridge and make grilled (or regular) peanut butter sandwiches. Make them just like grilled cheese only use PB. Drink some milk or fill up on water and you should be full!

I bought tons of organic fruit the other day at the speciality store and I spent $20 over my limit. So I bought 2 watermelons. Why? I never had organic watermelon till last month when my hubby wanted one. Of course, I told him “no, those melons are way too expensive”! He begged me to buy one so I did – yes, I gave in. We ate the BEST watermelon we have ever had! Yummy! Yummy! Just like the kind I grew up with in Iowa. In the fridge are 3 cantaloupes, celery, carrots, romaine lettuce, white peaches (ouch! expensive little boogers!) and some plums. All this fruit should fill my hubby and I up since it has fiber. Oh yeah, that reminds me there is probably popcorn to eat in your pantry too! That’ll fill you up! Yes, good ole fiber that we are all supposed to eat so many servings of fruit and veggies a day to get our “fiber” so we can poop. I think we will have met our quota!

By the way, did you know that you don’t need to pay the grocery store prices for bread? I am posting another article on where to find the cheapest bread ever! Check it out!

What do you eat when money is tight?

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