Living With No Credit Cards – My Story


About 4 months ago my husband and I stopped using our credit cards. Now we only pay with cash and of course, use the debit card that is linked to our checking account. If no cash on hand or in bank – then no purchase! That is the way it has to be with us. It was way too easy to use the credit card to pay for something so we put them all away and are living without credit cards. Are we making it? Yes! Do we go out to eat often? No! Did we really need to go out to eat that much in the first place all those years? Probably not. Is the food at the restaurants we used to go to great? Not really.

This is how we made our decision. We ate out and when we got home, our tummy’s hurt or we had acid reflux from the food we ate and paid for. So basically, paid to not feel too good. Too many times we would get home and think, we spent too much money for that meal! So now we eat at home and hubby takes his lunch to work. It is hard to come up with meals to cook but I am getting by. Now we may eat out only once a week and that is with a coupon such as Sonic buy one hot dog get one free or buy one hamburger get one free. Then we order fries and a drink each and then it is up to $11+ that we just spent. I’m thinking how could that add up to $11+? So the idea of eating at Sonic is kind of not working. We should have stayed home and ate at home with what we had in the panty or cupboard or fridge.

Do you eat out often?

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