My Top 5 Secret Places To Find Items For Free And Resell



Times are tough and many of us are going through financial hardship. Groceries are more and gas is going up and up! No one except my hubby knows about these 5 places I go when needing some extra cash. So to help others out I decided to list the 5 places I know where to get items for free and then resell them. Also, known as free to collect! If you are needing some extra cash for gas or groceries this will work! Maybe to pay the electric bill? Some items may need to be painted or fixed up a bit, but in the end you will make some money.

My 5 Secret Places

1. Sign up for and join the city you live in or even the cities that are nearby. Everyday someone posts an ad for a free item on freecycle. If you are the first to respond with a day and time of pick up, chances are you will get the item. But most important you must follow through and pick up the item(s). Some of the same people post on freecycle all the time and they do remember your log on name. Trust me, I remember who didn’t show up and they won’t get a free item again. No sir…..too bad. So my best advice is to keep in contact with the person who has the item for free and if for some reason you can not pick it up when you said you will let them know.

2. Almost every city or town has a clean up day or some call it dump day. Where I live in Arizona they are monthly, quarterly and semi-annual. Find out when the clean up day is in your area and go the night prior and drive around for some good stuff. Make sure and take a flash light to search the piles! You will be amazed at some of the stuff people put on the curb to throw away! Or go really early the morning of the clean up day. The good part about going the night before is that it is dark and most people are in bed or in their houses watching TV. When you go in the early morning, quite a few people are up and will see you. Depends on if you care or not to be seen, I guess. Me, I personally don’t care if they see me or not.

3. Drive in an apartment complex towards the area where the dumpsters are. Most of the time items are sitting outside of the dumpster for others to take. A lot of people need to move on short notice and can’t take everything with them, so they leave it for others. I saw a guy with an old pick up one day collecting items from an apartment complex and he had a full load of furniture and pop cans. Since pop cans are up in price, they are good to collect now too.

4. Go to in your city and look for the “free” area. Watch it for free items, send an email or call, depending on what they want you to do. If you are first, you will probably get the item. I have found a lot of end tables and dressers for free and I painted them shabby chic and resold for a good price.

5. A lot of times people will put something in the driveway or on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it. STOP the car! That’s what I say to my husband anyway. He is trained now to slow down when we see stuff out on the curb or driveway. I get out, check it out and load it up, if I want it. If not, climb back in the car. Someone will pick the item up or it will end up in the garbage or out on clean up day.

Fixer Upper

Now you need to figure out if any items need fixing or they are fine to sell as is. Use some paint to fix up a desk, coffee table or nightstand. Heck, I’ve even seen paint for free on Craigslist! Maybe you picked up some junk art a set of pictures to hang on the wall someone didn’t want anymore. Use windex to clean the glass and paint to repaint the frame. Maybe you found a cute chair but the seat is ruined and stained. Take the fabric and any padding off since most are stapled on anyway. Check out JoAnn’s Fabric or WalMart for some cheap fabric to purchase and fix up the chair. You can even pick up a staple gun and even fabric for free Craigslist or Freecycle. Or do a search on the words “for sale” by clicking it and put your item in the search box and price range along with selecting the picture option. Search and you may just come up with an awesome deal. Remember, people always list items at a higher price than they are willing to take so always ask for a lower price.

Now What?

Now that you have accumalated items to resell, have a garage sale, carport sale or yard sale. Check around your house for items to resell too. Maybe a shelf you really don’t need. Pots and pans of any kind always sell first at garage sales I have. If you live in an apartment or condo where these types of sales are not allowed, go to a busy parking lot or corner where you know others hang out to sell items. Do you know of a hotdog cart sitting in a parking lot selling hotdogs? I’ve seen people set up tables with items to sell near the area the hotdog cart guy is. Check with the hotdog guy and see if he pays the store to park his cart there. If yes, then go talk to the store manager and explain your hardship situation and chances are, he will let you set up for free. Why? Hotdog guy and you selling your stuff is bringing in people, which means there is a good chance they will go shopping in the store. Free advertising! Plus, during this time when sales are down, due to the economy, the store wants more business! Stores are going through a financial hardship too.

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