Top 50 Places Germs Hide


Most of us are constantly cleaning stuff to kill germs in our homes. Many of us know how to kill germs using soap and cleaners with bleach or Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes. I’ve made up a list of 50 places that we touch often but forget to disinfect. I use Clorox wipes on a lot of things so I thought I would compile a list for others.

1. Refrigerator and freezer door handles.

2. Remote controls for the TV and DVD player and stereo.

3. Car steering wheel.

4. Mouse for computer.

5. Printer and fax machine buttons.

6. Handles to open our car doors getting in and out of the car.

7. Door knobs in your house – every room has a door handle!

8. Light switches and fan switches.

9. Drink coasters – these get dirty from all the glasses sitting on them! You’ll be surprised when you clean them off!

10. Calculator buttons or adding machine buttons.

11. Windows inside your car. Kids always touching windows. Dogs leaving nose prints and licking them.

12. Scissors – handle and blades.

13. Land line telephone buttons and the receiver that sits on your ear and mouth. Makeup residue is a common one.

14. Cell phones.

15. Nose clippers and tweezers.

16. Your purse handle and the bottom of your purse – remember your purse sits on the floor a lot at restaurants and bathrooms! Yuck!

17. Radio buttons in your car or on your bedside radio. Snooze button! I push it numerous times every morning.

18. Manual or shift control in your car.

19. Gas tab inside your car to open the gas tank and the tab to open the hood or trunk.

20. Automatic window buttons.

21. Manual lock buttons on your car.

22. Buttons on speakers for your computer where you adjust the volume.

23. Fingernail clippers – especially if you share your clippers with others in the family! Toenail clippers too!

24. Curling iron handle.

25. Blow dryer handle.

26. Dresser drawer knobs and handles.

27. Hanging blind rod handles used to open your blinds or rod handles to open your drapes.

28. Pens you pick up and use all the time and share with others. Especially if someone puts pens in their mouth! Ick!

29. Stapler and staple remover.

30. Toilet handles – we all flush with our fingers after we use the toilet and before we wash our hands! This is #1 in our house to clean often!

31. Dishwasher knobs or digital buttons.

32. Washing machine and dryer knobs or digital buttons.

33. Fly swatter. Don’t forget the handle too!

34. Ruler.

35. Clasps on your necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

35. Vacuum cleaner handle.

36. Staircase rails. Everyone is always holding onto the rails at some point! LOTS of germs here!

37. Light on and off switch on lamps.

38. Buttons on your tv if you do not use the remote.

39. Keyboard. Use canned air too – you’ll be surprised what flies out of it!

40. Coffee maker buttons and handle of coffee pot.

41. Toys!

42. Thermometer – manual kind.

43. Toothbrush handle.

44. Baby stroller handle.

45. Hand held mirror.

46. Faucets. Don’t just wipe with a rag, disinfect with wipes!

47. On and off switches on appliances.

48. Shower door handles.

49. Kitchen cupboard handles and drawer handles.

50. Cords on appliances.

Are there any I missed? List them in the comments!

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