USAA Insurance – What is It?


What Is It?

A few years back someone mentioned to my husband and I that we should look into USAA insurance. We were in the process of buying our second home because we had sold the first home. We had no idea what USAA was. Here we found out it was for current and retired military personnel to purchase home, car and life insurance along with banking and financial investment services. We were told that USAA insurance formally was only for active military personnel but they changed their policy and now retired and military veteran’s are eligible to purchase insurance.

Switch to USAA or Not?

Since my husband was former Navy and Merchant Marine, we decided to call USAA insurance for quotes. We asked about our home we were purchasing along with car insurance. They gave us a quote and it was less than our current insurance. Plus, if we signed up for a checking and saving account and deposited only $25 in each account, we could get our insurance for the house and cars at more of a discounted rate.


So since the insurance was cheaper with USAA, we went with USAA. I’ve only had two claims with them and both were due to windshield replacements. Yes, for some reason I’m on the 10th windshield on one of my Honda’s. It is a 1997 Honda Civic and is 16 years old, so going thru 10 windshields isn’t really that bad – is it?

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